Local Reporters Race Flames to Chase Story

A reporter interviewing other reporters is one of the most difficult genres to tackle. This student reporter dug deep when questioning her contemporaries as well as veteran journalists. By Maci Lee Martell On a seemingly normal Sunday night, Paul Gullixson was sound asleep in his Rincon Valley home, along with the majority of Sonoma County. … Continue reading Local Reporters Race Flames to Chase Story

Firefighting — Not Just a Job But Also a Calling

When tackling their crime assignments, my students quickly realized that crime stories weren’t limited to covering homicides or other violence. Often, a great story is about the first responders themselves. This student leveraged a relative’s connection into securing interviews with longtime firefighters. By Marissa Perry SAN RAMON - Individuals who are in the line of … Continue reading Firefighting — Not Just a Job But Also a Calling

From Soup to Nuts: There’s Nary a Beef About This Chef

During an interview to complete her story assignment, this student found herself being interviewed by the subject, an up-and-coming chef, about her social media projects that he had seen. Maybe they had mutual interest to collaborate? Or, maybe the chef knew someone with a work opportunity for her. She told me about all this—blushing a … Continue reading From Soup to Nuts: There’s Nary a Beef About This Chef

Monuments…or marginalization?

Among the recurring student feedback last fall were observations that at times, it was tough to find sources who would provide the desired viewpoints and quotes. Because the course was reporting, however, rather than opinion writing or social media messaging, my students realized that they had to follow where the story took them, and simply … Continue reading Monuments…or marginalization?

Staying Safe From Wildfires

Five months ago, the North Bay wildfires erupted. As the fall semester drew to a close, one of my students living in Petaluma shared her emotions about preparing to evacuate. Our thanks to the Petaluma Argus-Courier for publishing Maci Lee Martell’s wonderful work in a recent print edition but also posting online March 5, 2018: … Continue reading Staying Safe From Wildfires

NorCal Animal Shelters Help Four-Legged, Wildfire Survivors

Humans weren't the only ones fighting for their lives during the October 2017 North Bay wildfires. One of my students examined how animal shelters responded. She also provided fire safety tips for pet and livestock owners: By Marissa Perry The devastation of the North Bay fires ravaged homes and destroyed businesses. Not only were the … Continue reading NorCal Animal Shelters Help Four-Legged, Wildfire Survivors


Several of my students wrote stories about DACA. Here’s one of them: By Ingrid Mera In response to the Trump administration’s announcement to end DACA, a program that protected nearly 800,000 young adults, thousands of people spilled onto the streets of San Francisco on Sept. 5 to support these undocumented immigrants. At approximately 5 p.m., … Continue reading DACA