Local Reporters Race Flames to Chase Story

A reporter interviewing other reporters is one of the most difficult genres to tackle. This student reporter dug deep when questioning her contemporaries as well as veteran journalists. By Maci Lee Martell On a seemingly normal Sunday night, Paul Gullixson was sound asleep in his Rincon Valley home, along with the majority of Sonoma County. … Continue reading Local Reporters Race Flames to Chase Story

What Do You Get When These Three….?

Humor can prove risky in news stories stemming from tragic events such as the North Bay wildfires. But just as a dash of pepper can complement a dish, a dash of humor can draw readers into news coverage—as this student realized on her own. By Maci Lee Martell PETALUMA -- A rabbi, a landlord and … Continue reading What Do You Get When These Three….?

Staying Safe From Wildfires

Five months ago, the North Bay wildfires erupted. As the fall semester drew to a close, one of my students living in Petaluma shared her emotions about preparing to evacuate. Our thanks to the Petaluma Argus-Courier for publishing Maci Lee Martell’s wonderful work in a recent print edition but also posting online March 5, 2018: … Continue reading Staying Safe From Wildfires