What Do You Get When These Three….?

Humor can prove risky in news stories stemming from tragic events such as the North Bay wildfires. But just as a dash of pepper can complement a dish, a dash of humor can draw readers into news coverage—as this student realized on her own. By Maci Lee Martell PETALUMA -- A rabbi, a landlord and … Continue reading What Do You Get When These Three….?

Staying Safe From Wildfires

Five months ago, the North Bay wildfires erupted. As the fall semester drew to a close, one of my students living in Petaluma shared her emotions about preparing to evacuate. Our thanks to the Petaluma Argus-Courier for publishing Maci Lee Martell’s wonderful work in a recent print edition but also posting online March 5, 2018: … Continue reading Staying Safe From Wildfires