In fall 2017, I taught an upper-division, beat reporting course at San Francisco State University. This blog showcases student work produced from their off-campus neighborhood beats throughout counties that make up the Bay Area. All work is posted with individual student consent that was obtained a few months or longer after the semester ended.

This GWAR course fulfilled the upper-division, intensive writing requirement that all SF State students, regardless of academic major, must complete toward earning bachelor’s degrees. Most SF State’s journalism writing courses — including mine — cap the number of students per class at 20.

I encourage you to follow along on Twitter to see how the semester unfolded.  @WriteOnWilma

My students’ assigned stories include spot news, breaking news, profiles of people in their beat neighborhoods, crime and fire news and features, plus public meetings during which city councils and school boards voted on constituent matters. Many of their capstone project stories – 1,000 words or longer – are featured in this blog, too.

Look for the lime-green index on our homepage to browse the categories, which also include beat neighborhoods.

Added bonus:  Try to find subtle metaphors in some of the photos that accompany stories in this blog. As I often reminded my students, there are countless ways to report, write (and illustrate) stories.



What’s that…?  You want to know a bit more about me? Well, if you insist. Just make sure you browse this site for a while, too. My students worked REALLY hard that semester!  It shows not only in their high-quality work, but in where they have gone since December 2017. Visit “Connection Points” page to see news publications and other organizations that have benefited from their talents!

About me –  http://www.linkedin.com/in/LydiaLumWriterEditor

Just the facts, please.

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