From Soup to Nuts: There’s Nary a Beef About This Chef

During an interview to complete her story assignment, this student found herself being interviewed by the subject, an up-and-coming chef, about her social media projects that he had seen. Maybe they had mutual interest to collaborate? Or, maybe the chef knew someone with a work opportunity for her. She told me about all this—blushing a bit—after submitting the first draft of her story. I congratulated her for making such a good impression on the chef. To prevent conflict-of-interest between her and the chef, I decided that subsequent interview of the chef and story re-write would be unnecessary for class. Here’s her first draft:   

By Marissa Perry

It has been said that nothing brings people together like good food.

Chef Terry Braggs embodies the qualities of charisma and taste. Cooking brings people together and creates a feeling of comfort.

Braggs has always been innovative and enthusiastic when it comes to learning. He originally was interested in fashion design and acting—until he stumbled upon the culinary arts. He is a driving force in the kitchen and approaches every dish with dedication and artistry; he aims to make food a new experience with each taste.

Braggs is skilled in numerous kinds of cuisine—from Italian, Asian to French. He has a huge appreciation for Italian cuisine.

“Italian cuisine always has seasonal and fresh ingredients, from the basil to the garlic,” he says.

Being a chef requires many skills. Braggs developed his while studying hotel and restaurant management, California cuisine, culinary math and wine and spirits at Diablo Valley College. Since then, he has been featured on the Food Network’s “Guy’s Grocery Games.”  At one point, Braggs quit his job as an executive chef to join a different Food Network show, but soon, the network chose someone else over him. Although disappointed, he tried to see this as a fresh start.

As a freelance, private chef nowadays, he cooks for families, athletes and professionals. At numerous public and private events, he demonstrates his stylistic approach to cooking.

Braggs also decided to start his own business.  Bragging Ryts Catering was born with a simple goal—provide people exceptional cuisine. He puts his own twists on simple classics to bring healthy and hearty food to the table. On top of his catering company and Food Network appearances, he has his own line of spices and teaches cooking classes. While bringing his zest to the public eye, he creates a new love for food.

“I enjoy engaging with people,” he says. “I am a very communicative person, so I enjoy being able to educate people on something I am truly passionate about.”

His classes have been taught at Williams Sonoma as well as at the Rudsdale Academy. In a world where fast and healthy don’t necessarily equal a balanced meal, Braggs brings fresh ingredients all while familiarizing the public with a beneficial diet.

With an amazing energy and attitude, Braggs shares his love of cooking through his styles and newfound artistry. In the works is a new cookbook called Brothers Cookin’.

He is an expert in the kitchen and a professional to the public. Each dish is a combination of blended flavor. He has a passion and desire that bring a unique edge to his cooking style. As a personal chef, he does all the grocery shopping for private dining experiences. He sets up, cooks and cleans up so his customers can enjoy themselves.

“I enjoy cooking for busy families, because they can sit down to a warm and healthy meal after a long and busy day,” he says.

With exemplary service and skill, Braggs gives customers the ultimate experience of delicious food and exceptional customer service.

Note:  Braggs isn’t the only up-and-coming individual. For more reportage and writing from this hard-working student, see   and don’t forget “s” with http 



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