Why is Concord not a Sanctuary City?

Learning AP style is tough but necessary in college journalism. While on deadline, this student called my attention to the AP stylebook entry that discouraged use of the term, undocumented immigrants. I was unaware of this, but was certain that I had already read the phrase countless times in news stories. So I suggested to … Continue reading Why is Concord not a Sanctuary City?

Guardian of Concord’s Art World

By Ashley Loaeza In a quiet block of Mount Diablo Street in Concord, just a few blocks from the downtown area, sits a little gem unknown to many: A tiny, one-story home painted green and yellow surrounded by plants of all sorts, bordered by a green picket fence that is hard to miss. Aside from … Continue reading Guardian of Concord’s Art World

When the Top Cop Grants the Interview

For her crime story assignment, one ambitious student who was already reporting and news gathering in her beat neighborhood dutifully filled out an online form to interview a police chief – why not ask?  She was relaxing at home the next day when her phone rang. The police chief! Not even a PR officer intermediary! … Continue reading When the Top Cop Grants the Interview