Why is Concord not a Sanctuary City?

Learning AP style is tough but necessary in college journalism. While on deadline, this student called my attention to the AP stylebook entry that discouraged use of the term, undocumented immigrants. I was unaware of this, but was certain that I had already read the phrase countless times in news stories. So I suggested to … Continue reading Why is Concord not a Sanctuary City?

An Unofficial Mayor of The Fillmore

By Lance Tisuela Vas Kiniris is a charismatic, unreserved product of the San Francisco Bay Area, with a passion for progress and immersion. He serves as director of the Fillmore Merchants Association and secretary of the San Francisco Council of District Merchants Associations. “I tend to look forward all the time, I’m not one to … Continue reading An Unofficial Mayor of The Fillmore

DACA in the Meeting Room

If you have been following along, you already know that several of my students pursued DACA stories. This ambitious student actually covered two meetings that fall semester – one to fulfill the public meeting requirement, and this one for her spot news assignment. By Sarah Niderost DACA supporters packed City Hall last Monday for a … Continue reading DACA in the Meeting Room

A Different Perspective in Chinatown

San Francisco’s Chinatown bills itself as the largest district of its kind outside of Asia and the most established in North America. But not every merchant is of Chinese ancestry. Even though people from the Indian subcontinent are considered Asian-American per U.S. Census, the definition of Asian-American in daily discourse and life remains fluid: By … Continue reading A Different Perspective in Chinatown


Several of my students wrote stories about DACA. Here’s one of them: By Ingrid Mera In response to the Trump administration’s announcement to end DACA, a program that protected nearly 800,000 young adults, thousands of people spilled onto the streets of San Francisco on Sept. 5 to support these undocumented immigrants. At approximately 5 p.m., … Continue reading DACA