Connection Points

As we continue to unfurl the remainder of work produced by my students during Fall 2017, let’s take a glimpse at where they went after the course ended:

This author switched majors from journalism to broadcast. I was sad to see such talent leave the print sequence but shared the student’s sentiment about increasing the number of women of color on TV news. During summer 2018, she was a KRON4 intern, and we look forward to her future pursuits. Here’s part of what she did in 2017:

Speaking of KRON4, this author was sports desk intern there while taking my beat reporting course. After 2 semesters at KRON4, he’s busy at school while searching for the next sports journalism opportunity. Here’s his capstone from 2017:

Next, this author has continued her journalism studies while maintaining her role as one of SF State’s Student Ambassadors who lead group and individual tours of the campus. In Fall 2018, she wrote for the Golden Gate Xpress newspaper. Here was one of her many subject interests the previous school year:

This author wrote for GGXpress and for El Tecolote, a bilingual newspaper in San Francisco’s Mission district, before graduating in December 2018. During the time I have known her, she lived in east Contra Costa County and juggled a part-time job as a nanny before moving westward for a job inside an office at a medical facility affiliated with higher education. In my class, she leveraged her East County relationships to land great interviews with first responders:


Speaking of December 2018 graduates, this author was the sole photojournalism major in the class. Her work is proof that you don’t have to be primarily a writer in order to be a very good writer. Her beat coverage of the world-famous Haight-Ashbury neighborhood was refreshing for its lack of tourist spots. Fun fact: Her 2017 capstone drew the most hits in 2018 from visitors who found it through search engines:

Photojournalism classes at SF State attracted many of my then-students, including this author, who, along with his homies — as he enthusiastically described them — had a freelance photography and video production business. Even before fall 2018, he kept busy with growing that business. His capstone project from the previous year was, like that of his aforementioned classmate and friend, based in Haight-Ashbury:

Next, this author has continued exploring a wide array of college courses and off-campus jobs. In 2018, one of those jobs was at a newsstand. He understands how important it is to access opportunities — lest they unexpectedly disappear. During my course, he landed an interview with this longtime San Francisco businessman — just months before the latter decided to shutter the doors:

The bilingual El Tecolote newspaper based in San Francisco’s Mission district has benefitted from so much talent among my former students, including this author, whose 2017 profile about a drag queen incorporated multiple sources:

Next, this author landed a new retail job in her Union Square beat neighborhood that she juggled alongside classes SF State’s magazine sequence. Her work now appears in the campus magazine, and I’m so pleased she sharpened many of her storytelling skills with us in Fall 2017, such as this piece that brims with confidence:

Speaking of confidence, this author….