An Unofficial Mayor of The Fillmore

By Lance Tisuela Vas Kiniris is a charismatic, unreserved product of the San Francisco Bay Area, with a passion for progress and immersion. He serves as director of the Fillmore Merchants Association and secretary of the San Francisco Council of District Merchants Associations. “I tend to look forward all the time, I’m not one to … Continue reading An Unofficial Mayor of The Fillmore

With Tourism Comes Revenue — and Thefts

By Julian Moncaleano        San Francisco’s Chinatown is an established neighborhood for drawing large crowds of tourists—as well as a large number of thefts. This is nothing new to Chinatown residents and business owners.      For business owners, the large crowds can pose problems. Owners and employees usually monitor every customer that steps foot into … Continue reading With Tourism Comes Revenue — and Thefts

When the Top Cop Grants the Interview

For her crime story assignment, one ambitious student who was already reporting and news gathering in her beat neighborhood dutifully filled out an online form to interview a police chief – why not ask?  She was relaxing at home the next day when her phone rang. The police chief! Not even a PR officer intermediary! … Continue reading When the Top Cop Grants the Interview

A Different Perspective in Chinatown

San Francisco’s Chinatown bills itself as the largest district of its kind outside of Asia and the most established in North America. But not every merchant is of Chinese ancestry. Even though people from the Indian subcontinent are considered Asian-American per U.S. Census, the definition of Asian-American in daily discourse and life remains fluid: By … Continue reading A Different Perspective in Chinatown

Macy’s closing

Final clearance sale at Macy’s at Stonestown reminds me of this student’s work last fall, before official closure date was determined: By Maci Lee Martell While brick-and-mortar retail outlets may be struggling for business in the wake of convenient online retailers, such as Amazon, movie theaters around the Bay Area seem to be holding their … Continue reading Macy’s closing