What? Two Stories on the Same Day? Yikes–hurry!

Among the aspects of real-life journalism that permeated classroom conversation—and student workloads—was that reporters are expected to juggle several assignments at once because deadlines are constant. Some of my students—including this one—churned out stories from public meetings coverage alongside their capstone papers.   By Julian Moncaleano The San Francisco Board of Supervisors’ government audit and … Continue reading What? Two Stories on the Same Day? Yikes–hurry!

Bringing Art to Life

By Nicole Newman The San Francisco Arts Commission met Nov. 13 to discuss the approval of artists for an upcoming installation at the San Francisco International Airport's Hyatt Hotel, which is currently being constructed. The proposal, Hyatt Hotel Lobby Wall Public Art Project, is committed to showcasing one artist's work on a wall of the lobby entrance. The Arts Commission … Continue reading Bringing Art to Life

Public Meetings that Matter

As my students saw firsthand last fall, what happens at public meetings—where members of a city council, school board or other governing body vote on constituent matters—can result in important actions. I learned about the public clamor over the Pioneer Monument in August, just a few days before the fall semester began. After discussing the … Continue reading Public Meetings that Matter