A Different Perspective in Chinatown

San Francisco‚Äôs Chinatown bills itself as the largest district of its kind outside of Asia and the most established in North America. But not every merchant is of Chinese ancestry. Even though people from the Indian subcontinent are considered Asian-American per U.S. Census, the definition of Asian-American in daily discourse and life remains fluid: By … Continue reading A Different Perspective in Chinatown

Homelessness in the Castro district of San Francisco

The Castro is famous worldwide as an LGBT mecca. Nonetheless, social problems nag what one of my students called, the "gayborhood." This story is also distinctive because among all the capstone project papers in our classroom, this one has the most human sources quoted. By Dimitri D. Bailey Despite effort and resolve, homelessness in San … Continue reading Homelessness in the Castro district of San Francisco